Window Awnings

Window Awnings

Shield your home and office from exposure to rain and heat of sun

Window Awnings, also known as window canopy, are one the prime areas an architect or interior designer will focus on. The highly attractive and graceful awnings will provide extra dimension to the exterior facade of your home or hotel.

NT (Nath Trading) manufactures window awnings to give your home or office an architectural beauty and provide protection from rain, sunshine and harsh weather.

Nath Trading (NT) manufactures a comprehensive range of window awnings for all commercial and residential buildings. Promise of Service and Quality guaranteed.

window awning for home

Variety of Styles with Amazing Designs and Fabrics:

NT-Nath Trading window awnings are available in variety of style: Standard Roll-up Canopy, Dutch Canopy, & Foldable Window Awnings.

The high-quality polymer material used in fabrics is waterproof and can stand with all weather conditions. We offer both PVC fabrics and 100% acrylic imported fabrics, which are available in wide range of vibrant colors and designs that will really uplift the visual appeal of your space.

  • Beautiful Designs & colors
  • Waterproof and Tear resistant Fabric
  • Allow enought sunlight to pass, but block Heat & Rain
  • Powder coating on the Frame for best-in-class finishing

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We Provide Well Designed & High Strength Awnings

Why to buy from NT (Nath Trading Co.)

We always Support our customers and provide After Sales Service, weather it is answering your questions or doing any repairs, if needed.


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