Anti Static Flooring

Anti Static Flooring

NT (Nath Trading co) PVC Anti-Static Flooring range offers a wide variety of special features such as anti-bacterial, Fire Resistant, anti-fungal, and wear & tear resistance. Our products are made of 3 layers that include base PVC layer, carbon layer and wear layer on top.Being quite uncomplicated in nature, the anti-static flooring remains a preferred choice among many.

Features & benefits of NT awnings:


  • Hospital ICUs and other critical areas
  • Telecommunication area
  • Assembly lines in manufacturing units
  • Offices and server areas


  • Varying degree of thickness and different level of static resistance
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • The anti-static flooring is very easy to install.
  • One of the biggest advantages of anti-static flooring is that it requires no maintenance at all. Therefore, best rates offered by NT make it highly economical.

We Provide High QualityAnti Static Flooring


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