NT Offers A Complete Range Of High-Quality And Gracefully Styled Awnings

Our awnings will provide numerous advantages for your Home, Hotel or Commercial space. They protect your premises from all weather conditions (heat, cold, rain or UV rays) while you perform hard work or enjoy in home.

Awnings & Shades are an ideal way to enjoy outdoor living space in the shade from the scorching heat of sun or in the rainy season and to provide aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior.

From canvas to aluminium, awnings are produced with a range of different materials in fixed and retractable styles. Nath Trading Co. is the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and trader of highly quality awnings, established in the year 1995.

Types of Awnings
Nath Trading Co. provides a wide assortment of awnings. All these products are manufactured using premium materials, making them hard-wearing and tough against harsh weather.

Some of our popular products are Garden Shade Awnings, Motorized Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Terrace Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings, Fixed Shed & Awnings, and Awnings for Shop, etc.

Why Invest in Awnings?

  • Expand Outdoor shaded living space to enjoy with family or serve business customers
  • Beautifully designed awnings & shades enhance visual appeal of your home, which can increase its value/price
  • Protect interiors from sun's heat, rain, wind and other adverse weather
  • Save electricity costs. Awnings & shades lower tempratures in summer and, thus, reduce energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Our commercial awnings are extremely suitable for branding and advertisement
awning for home or shop

Awning Designing:

Awning-Shade Fabrics in Delhi

Outdoor Awnings & Shade fabrics are the most important component and come in a wide variety. Acrylic fabrics provide long durability as well as luxurious look & feel, while Vinyl fabrics also look good and can last up to 5 years.

awning parts powder coated

NT Awnings hardware is designed for superior technical performance and aesthetic appeal. They contain powder coating which adds to the product's durability and finish quality.

folding arm awning shade

Many manufacturers fail to understand the angle and load on Awning, making it weak and not sustainable. Right size to withstand weather, high strenght parts and good architectural design is required to make awnings stay stable over long period.

Key Factors to Consider-

Design & Fabric
Hardware Quality & Warranty
Delivery Time
Supplier Work Quality & Experience

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