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Commercial Vinyl Flooring

NT’s commercial vinyl flooring range is suitable for high performance applications such as offices, industries, restaurants, and schools, which require good traction and durability. The product range offers a wide variety of special features such as surface protection, anti-bacterial, fire resistant, food grade, anti-fungal, etc. as per usage requirements.

NT is authorized distributor/dealer of Marvel Vinyls, LG, and Wonderfloor. Our Commercial vinyl flooring or Office vinyl flooring range is known to set new benchmarks in toughness, slip-resistance meeting and exceeding R10 standards.

We have a huge range of products to meet the needs of user. For instance, Endura, Adventus, and Robust range is perfect for office and commercial areas, which require heavy duty, fully flexible PVC floor coverings of high quality. These products are easy to maintain, last for a lifetime and are more affordable that you can imagine.

We Provide High QualityCommercial Vinyl Flooring


  • Homogeneous,hard wearing and non-directional. We have other products for specific features.
  • Anti-bacterial and fungicidal
  • “T” &”P” rating for best slip resistance
  • PUR with anti dirt surface minimizes scratches, scuff marks, stains and maintenance. The flooring can be made seamless by way of thermal welding
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Water and dust proof
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm
  • Flexibility: shall not break crack or show any other signs of failure
  • Roll width 1.83 mtr

ROBUST product range adds to the aesthetics of the area where it is installed, as it is produced with one base colour and 2 contrast colours for marbling effect by a special hot granulation process which is unique in nature. On the other hand, ENDURA maintains the same color throughout the thickness of the Vinyl Flooring, ensuring it has a long lifespan and can take regular abuse of even heavy forklifts plying with ease.


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