Tensile Structure Manufacturer In Delhi

NT (Nath Trading Co) has vast knowledge and experience in building Tensile Structures

The tensile membrane structures are most frequently used as a roof with support & anchorage, as they can delightfully and inexpensively span large areas. A tensile structure is a construction that carries only tension in fabric and no bending or compression. These types of structures are commonly found in exhibition venues, sports facilities and storage buildings, and warehousing. As a customer-focused organization, NT provides a wide array of the tensile structure at very competitive prices. Established in 1995, NT (Nath Trading Co.) is a well-known firm for tensile structures in Delhi.

Type of fabric and construction of the structure make up the core of product. This totally depends on the application. Thus, we always first consult with client about the application, expectation and challenges that user faces at the site.

The fabrics used by us are generally high-quality imported ones, made from polymers or polymer coated fibers. They are very sturdy with extensive durability, elasticity and resistance against rough weather conditions.


  • Auditorium, swimming pool, and Landscape Tensile structure
  • Walkway Tensile Structure

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of fabrics that can provide varying characteristics to the tensile structure. They look attractive and are functional at the same time. Tensile Fabrics along with the minimum support can cover large areas and offer different shape/style according to your needs.
  • All our tensile structures show resilience against Sun’s rays, cold, rain, rust and other extreme weather conditions. Structure is made with high grade steel and powder coated
  • Cost is fraction of what you will have to shell out for a concrete and steel structure. They are very easy to maintain.
  • Fast manufacturing and Installation: You would save a large amount of time and money in building modular tensile structures with NT rather than going for other type of construction such as concrete.

Why customers should buy from us?

Why Customers Should Buy From Us?

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