Awning Price in Delhi, India

Awning price in Delhi starts from approximately Rs 120 / sqft and can go upto Rs 250 / sqft depending upon the quality and customization that you ask for. As the design of fabric gets better and complicated, the thickness and gsm of fabric goes up, increasing the cost of fabric.

The high end premium awnings with electric operation and remote control can cost around Rs 20,000 more per awning.


Factors determining the Awning Price in Delhi:

  • Size plays an important factor in influencing the awning cost. Whatever be your budget, if you choose very large sizes it will cost more. The biggest awnings (over 5m wide and/or 3m projection) are usually only achievable with a high-end custom design, because they need to be strong enough to support the extra weight.
  • Awning Fabric is the second most important factor in determining awning price in Delhi. PVC Fabrics are good quality and generally cost much lower than Acrylic fabrics. However, the look & feel and durability of acrylic is much superior as compared to any other fabric. Learn more about fabrics here.
  • Hardware quality and polishing/coating (Value for Money): Some companies such as ours (NT – Nath Trading) develop hardware in-house and provide powder coating. This ensures that the look & feel stays great for next 10 years and awnings have strength in heavy winds or rain. Talk to the supplier/manufacturer on this part as it brings the most value (functionality and aesthetics) and will make your awning last more than 10 years.
  • Choice of Motorized and Remote Control: These awnings require significant specialized technical knowledge for design and additional cost of motor & remote, which are developed by international German firms. Only heavily trained employees can offer good quality here and, thus, the cost goes up a bit.
  • Advertising Logo or any Customization: If required by customer, a small additional price is asked for Brand logo or graphics printing.

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Why choose Nath Trading for Affordable Awning Price in Delhi?

  • 5 – 10 years guarantee on fabrics
  • 1-year full guarantee on parts (only company in market to offer this)
  • Amazing variety of fabric designs
  • Factory Price
  • 20 years of experience installation

Remember, some companies might quote a very low Awning Price in Delhi, but the quality of parts used will be extremely poor. This can lead awning to break down in case of heavy rain or wind. Thus, always buy good quality awnings that will last more than 15 years.


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